Gummed Paper Tape


Gummed-Paper-Tape-For-SaleGummed paper tape is an environmentally friendly tape which requires water for application to work.

The adhesion is only active once the tape has come into contact with water. For this reason it is recommended higher volume users utilise a gummed paper tape dispenser.

When choosing your tape, take note of which way round the tape it wound, either gummed size in, or gummed side out. This can determine which dispenser will or will not work with the tape.

Gummed paper tape offers a strong adhesion to your cardboard boxes, ensuring they remain sealed until their destination and a tampered box will show signs of being opened, as gummed paper tape will not reapply once torn.

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  1. Gummed Paper Tape Rolls
    As low as £16.70 £13.92
    • Priced Per box.
    • Requires suitable dispenser.
    • Gum side in and gum side out versions available.
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  2. Sentry Seal pilfer proof tamper evident tape 6/Carton
    £95.11 £79.26

    Sentry Seal pilfer proof tamper evident tape

    • 70mm x 152m
    • Reinforced printed sentryseal 
    • 6 rolls per carton
    • Gum Side In
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  3. Electric Gum Paper Taper Dispenser
    £2,123.99 £1,769.99

    Water Activated Tape Dispenser

    • Suitable for Gum Side In Tape.
    • Will work with Reinforced Tape.
    • Weights 15kg.
    • Dimension W:320mm x D:510 x H:305mm.
    • 1.89L water tank.
    • Mains supply - 240V
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  4. Gum Paper Taper Dispenser
    £1,978.72 £1,648.93
    • Uses Gummed side in tape.
    • Suitable for tape widths between 25-76mm
    • Max tape length - 200m
    • Dimensions L457 x W305 x H267mm
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  5. Budget Pull & Tear Dispenser For Gummed Paper Tape
    £66.53 £55.44

    Budget Pull & Tear Dispenser

    • Suitable for gummed paper tape wound gum in or out,
    • Max 80mm wide Gummed Paper Tape.
    • Can not be used with Reinforced Tapes.
    • Weighs 1.59kg
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