Cardboard Edge Protectors

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Cardboard Edge Protectors


  • 100% Recyclable
  • Offer Extra Protection To Pallet Corners. 
  • Often Used In Conjunction With Pallet Or Shrink Wrap.
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35 x 35mm 1000mm 3mm 50





35 x 35mm 1200mm 3mm 50





35 x 35mm 1500mm 3mm 50





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Cardboard Edge Protectors ( Sometimes Referred To As V Board )

Cardboard edge protectors are a great way of protecting the edges of goods that have been placed on pallets.

The pallet can be shrink wrapped, pallet wrapped or strapped, which stops the goods from tipping over but that can not protect the pallet from any side impact or scratch from another pallet. With cardboard edge protectors this damage can be stopped.

Place the edge protectors onto the pallet before wrapping and secure, or use tape to secure in place. Resulting in a pallet with the edges protected.