Pallet Stretch Wrap

Pallet Stretch Wrap

Pallet wrap is the used for wrapping pallets securely for delivery or storage. Packaging GB’s pallet wrap is UK made and offers a variety of colours, - in clear, blue tint or black - a variety of extended cores and flush cores options and are sold in quantities of six or individually. The thickness of pallet wrap is shown by the micron value, the higher the number, the thicker the pallet wrap, the stronger the wrap is. This is used to secure heavier loads to ensure a safe delivery of a pallet.

The coloured pallet wrap can be used for varying reasons, blue is commonly used for the food industry, black can be used to obscure the contents from prying eyes and clear is the most commonly used and allows for visible double checking of the contents.

Also available is machine cast film, for use on automatic stretch wrap machines. The film works on most machines, but please check beforehand that it is suitable for use on your machine.

For additional pallet supplies of cardboard edge protectors, top sheets and Tenzalopes document enclosed envelopes, please see the Palletising Sundries section.

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