Polypropylene Strapping Tools And Dispensers

Strapping dispensers are ideal for speeding up the application of strapping to pallets and are also ideal for taking the pallet strapping kit from one location to the other.

Two variations of dispenser for polypropylene hand strapping are available from Packaging GB. The first is a floor standing dispenser, ideal for holding the plastic reel of polypropylene strapping, and for lifting and carrying to the location of the pallet strapping.

The second dispenser features a convenient tray for holding the seals or buckles in, helping avoid the risk of losing or misplacing items. It is also on wheels for quick and easy transportation to the locations of strapping.

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  1. 12mm Sealer
    £48.42 £40.35

    12mm Sealer

    • Use with PP12-25


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  2. Strapping Tensioner
    £60.72 £50.60

    Strapping Tensioner

    • 12-19mm Tensioner and cutter.
    • Colour may vary.



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  3. 12mm Combined Tensioner/crimper Tool (use Pp12-25 Seals)
    £165.60 £138.00

    12mm Combined Tensioner/crimper Tool

    • For 12mm PP Strapping.
    • Use with PP12-25 semi open seals.
    • Weighs 3.05kg.


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  4. Polypropylene Strapping Seals
    As low as £22.70 £18.92
    • 1000 Per box.
    • 12mm x 25mm Semi open seals.
    • Choice of standard or heavy duty seal.
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  5. 12mm Plastic Buckles (1000)
    £28.39 £23.66 As low as £24.84

    12mm Plastic Buckles (1000)

    • Extra plastic buckles for strap and buckle kit.

    Plastic buckles can be used with the strap and buckle hand strapping kit, these are 12mm replacement buckles.

    If you require any help while purchasing do not hesitate to contact Packaging GB directly.

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  6. Portable Floor Standing Dispenser For Pp Strap On Plastic Reel
    £67.26 £56.05

    Portable Floor Standing Dispenser For Pp Strapping On Plastic Reel

    • With carry handle & strapping brake.
    • Weighs 2.6kg

    Dispensers can make handling polypropylene strapping easier and safer, by reducing the trip hazards and speeding up production.

    The portable dispenser can hold a plastic reel of PP strapping to help in the strapping process, and can be carried to the desired location for strapping.

    Made from 32mm tubular steel to ensure the dispenser can handle working in a warehouse environment.

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  7. Mobile Dispenser With Tool & Seals Tray For Polypropylene Strapping
    £143.52 £119.60

    Mobile Dispenser With Tool & Seals Tray For Polypropylene Strapping 

    • Improves strapping production speed.
    • Weighs 5.7kg.
    • Contains tray for storing seals. 


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