Gummed Paper Tape Rolls

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Gummed Paper Tape


  • Priced Per box.
  • Requires suitable dispenser.
  • Gum side in and gum side out versions available.
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Width x Length Core GSM Gum Side Reinforced Rolls Per Pack
Price Per Unit
1 2 +
48mm x 200m 38mm 60gsm Out No 2



48mm x 200m 38mm 60gsm Out No 30



48mm x 200m 38mm 60gsm In No 30



48mm x 200m 38mm 70gsm In No 30



48mm x 100m 38mm 125gsm In Yes 24



70mm x 200m 38mm 60gsm Out No 18



70mm x 200m 38mm 60gsm In No 18



70mm x 200m 38mm 70gsm In No 18



70mm x 100m 76mm 125gsm Out Yes 16




Gummed paper tape is traditionally used by artists to fix watercolour paper to drawing and painting surfaces, and is indispensable for stretching fine watercolour paper prior to use.

In recent years the popularity has grown, due to its environmental credentials over traditional polypropylene tape. 

Gummed paper tape has dried glue on one side, which when water is applied to, will usually release the adhesive bond.

Available in a selection of widths and roll sizes, with two reinforced versions available, these use glass fibres to add bilateral strength. 

Packaging GB also sell a range of gummed paper tape dispensers.

Gum Side In or Gum Side Out

The adhesive is wound on to the core with either the dry adhesive on the inside or outside.

When selecting which gummed paper tape to buy, it is important to know which version will work with your dispenser. This is due to the adhesive needing to run through water to allow it to be activated.