Foam Packaging

Foam Packaging

Foam packaging can be used for everyday jobs of packaging items in boxes or for the more specialised, for protecting the corners of goods to avoid dents. All of the foam based products are made in the UK.

The foam rolls are ideal for cutting to measure packaging requirements and with a choice of thicknesses the optimum roll can be chosen.

Foam pads allow an item to be secured in place and help cut down on the amount of packaging used. The self-adhesive on the foam pads will speed up the packaging process and hold the foam in place through transport.

Foam corners are ideal protection for items with right angle corners, offering lightweight minimalistic protection to the areas more likely to be damaged. Sold in packs of four or 100.

Foam blocks allow the user to cut to the size they require, can be used for bespoke packaging, item protection and can be reused several times.