Strapping is used to secure pallets and goods, either via strapping machines or hand strapping. Packaging GB sell a full range of strapping products, tools and perishables.

Polypropylene strapping is the most commonly used strapping, it offers lightweight, cost effect strapping for everyday use, with a choice between lightweight, medium and heavy duty reels.

Polyester strapping has become an alternative to steel strapping because of its ability absorb impacts better, resulting in reduced breakages. It is also cheaper, lighter and safer to use.

The strapping kits offer all the required products and materials to start strapping by hand. Our most popular is the kit 5, which includes a tensioner, crimper, dispenser, strapping and seals. Replenishables for these kits are also available individually from this section too.

Steel strapping has traditionally been the go to strapping for heavy pallets, it offers low elongation, helping it to keep a high tension and is most suited to pallets that will undergo heat change. A range of kits, seals and tools are available, including the combination sealing tools which tensions, cuts and seals all in one tool.

If cutting steel, it is highly advised to use an appropriate steel safety cutter, to avoid operator injury.

If strapping with polypropylene becomes a time consuming operation, a strapping machine would speed up the process. A semi-automatic strapping machine can achieve up to 24 cycles a minute, greatly increasing the speed of strapping by hand.

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