Void Fill

Void Fill

Void fill packaging is vital to any business posting and shipping products, because the movement of the item within the cardboard box or packaging can cause it to break, void fill holds the item in place and cushions any movement. Packaging GB sell a range of void fill options - paper, air, card and loosefill.

The Speedman void fill dispenser supplies 100% recycled paper in a box to conveniently and quickly fill the void in a container. The dispenser holds the equivalent of 3 bags of loosefill, offering a saving on space too.

The Mini Pak’r is a void fill packaging machine, which inflates air pillows when required. The machine saves space on storing alternative void fills, eg bubble wrap and can cut down on wastage. Can be used with air cushions, super tube or quilted cushions to protect the contents through delivery. Easy to use and cushions supplied on a perforated roll for easy application, spare parts and air cushions for the Mini Pak’r can all be purchased from Packaging GB.

Loosefill is a high volume void fill option, due to the space required is typically used for smaller jobs. Supplied in cardboard boxes, loosefill offers a 100% biodegradable option which will dissolve in water or compost overtime.

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