Electric Gum Paper Taper Dispenser

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Water Activated Tape Dispenser

  • Suitable for Gum Side In Tape.
  • Will work with Reinforced Tape.
  • Weights 15kg.
  • Dimension W:320mm x D:510 x H:305mm.
  • 1.89L water tank.
  • Mains supply - 240V
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Water Activated Tape Dispenser

The Tegrabond water activated tape dispenser is suitable for use with plain and reinforced tape up to 70mm wide.

The tape dispenser is typically used in busy packaging and sealing environment, the machine can hold a 300m roll of tape with an output of 1.1m per second.

The machine has been constructed with safety in mind, an interlock switch disables the blade when the cover is opened and a thermal cut off stops the motor from overheating.

The dispenser features useful consumer controls to increase the production speed. Pre-determined tape lengths can be specified in an order, to comply with the order of application of tape on a box.

The advantages of using the water activated tape is a stronger seal is created, with the fibres of the tape joining with the fibres of the cardboard box. The tape is recyclable too, helping to reduce the impact on the environment, and are more resilient to temperature change, making it ideal for use in longer term storage.