Glue & Glue Guns

Glue & Glue Guns

Glue guns can be an essential part of any dispatch process. There are two versions depending on your requirements. The bigger model is designed for industrial uses where more glue has to be put down to meet your needs. These include 12mm and 43mm models. The latter is designed with industrial uses in mind, ergonomic triggers to reduce operator fatigue and large glue sticks to reduce the amount of change overs required.

All glue guns come with  12 month back to base warranty, but must be used with genuine glue to avoid invalidation.

12mm Glue Guns are generally used for the less demanding tasks. The glue output an hour is less than the 43mm version. As such it is typically used by low volume users who use minimal amounts of glue.  

These glue guns use hot melt adhesive glue, which can be suitable for use on a range of subjects. The fast set glue is ideal for use with cardboard products and the medium set it ideal for general use.

The fast set has an open time of between 5 and 10 seconds. Giving enough time to apply the glue and position the box before the glue has fully set.

43mm Glue Guns are perfect for industrial uses, where the operator will be needing a consistent glue out put for multiple hours. The glue guns offer a quick warm up to reduce down time and economic designs to reduce operator fatigue.

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