Budget Pull & Tear Dispenser For Gummed Paper Tape

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Budget Pull & Tear Dispenser

  • Suitable for gummed paper tape wound gum in or out,
  • Max 80mm wide Gummed Paper Tape.
  • Can not be used with Reinforced Tapes.
  • Weighs 1.59kg
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Budget Pull & Tear Dispenser

Tape dispensers make the task of sealing boxes and items less time consuming and more efficient, the tape dispenser will not cut for you, instead the operation is manual. You are required to pull the tape and tear of as and when required.

The machine is manually topped up with water, to ensure when tape is being pulled through, the adhesive is being activated for you. 

Suitable for low volume usage, but will work with either gummed side in or out tape. It will however not work with the reinforced versions of gummed paper tape.