Packaging machines are fundamental to developing a speed efficient production packaging line. Packaging GB sell a range of high quality machines for use in the warehouse.

Strapping machines are the most popular machine sold, the machine offers a quick and secure way to quickly secure a parcel. With both semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machines available you will find the ideal product for your business needs.

Carton shredding machines offer a range of thickness and cuts for creating void fill from second hand cardboard boxes, the outlay will soon be recouped on packaging savings in the long run. Attach an optional dust extractor to prevent dust entering the airspace.

The Mini Pak’r offers all the options in the void fill systems, save space on bulky packaging products by only inflating the air cushions when required, offering cost effective solution to protecting products and void fill. The Mini Pak’r and it’s accessories will soon become a staple product on the packing stations.

Pallet stretch wrappers are offered in both automatic and manual, but both save considerable time and effort on wrapping a pallet by hand. The speed and efficiency will result in reduced operator fatigue and a more efficient wrapping process.