Packing Tapes And Dispensers

Packing Tapes And Dispensers

Adhesive Tapes And Dispensers

We sell a full range of adhesive tapes, depending on your requirements can determine which tape is most appropriate for you.

Gummed paper tape offers an environmentally friendly option which can provide a strong seal for your boxes. For easy application it is ideal to be paired with a suitable dispenser. As this activates the adhesive for application.

Printed warning tapes offer the package handler the added benefit of carrying a message with an appropriate printed message. These include Fragile, Caution and Handle With Care. Utilising the pre printed tapes helps to save on expensive bespoke designs while still helping to reduce parcel breakages.

Masking Tape is available in either 1 inch or 2. The tape traditionally has a lower tack, making it ideal for certain requirements where the tape must be removed at a later date. Resulting in no adhesion being left on the item or product. These can include craft, painting and sign making.

Cross weave tape is designed for applications where only a strong tape will work. The two direction fibres help to increase the strength within the tape, helping to maintain adhesion to the product.

Self adhesive paper tape offers a paper recyclable tape which can be torn by hand for easy application. The tape is available in four widths between 25mm and 75mm.

Tamper evidence security tape provides a visible proof of the tape being opened. This is ideal to see if anyone has tampered with the box, potentially leading to stolen items.