Polypropylene Machine Strapping

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Polypropylene Machine Strapping


  • Core size: 200mm cardboard core.
  • Strapping colour: White
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Ref Width x Length Thickness Breaking Strain Rolls Per Pack
Price Per Unit
1 + 4 + 8 + 12 +
5-70-mc 5mm x 7000m 0.47mm 69kg 1





9-4000-mc 9mm x 4000m 0.55mm 115kg 1





ps12 12mm x 3000m 0.55mm 135kg 1





ps12-146 12mm x 3000m 0.63mm 146kg 1





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Polypropylene Machine Strapping

Machine strapping is designed for use with the strapping machines, the strapping is able to provide reliable consistent performance when used with the machines.

This thicker strapping reels are designed for use with the automatic arch strapping machine, as it can cope with being thrown over the arch.

Typical industrial uses include bundling together items for easier pallitising, eg cardboard boxes.

Which Strapping Is suitable for my machine?

Generally speaking we recommend using the 12mm versions if you are using an automatic strapping machine. This is because the narrower widths can get jammed in the arch, preventing it from working correctly.