Face Masks - 3 Ply Disposable

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  • 50 Masks per box
  • Price is per box.
  • Certified EN149:2001 + A1:2009



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SKU Face-Masks-3Ply-Disposable
Face Masks - 3 Ply Disposable
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With the need for PPE and safe working practises, we have introduced face masks to our range of products. 


These masks feature a plastic nose bar, to help reduce fogging and an improved fit.  

The 3 layers of the masks are as follows. 


  • The outside layer is made from polypropylene non woven fabric and is designed to prevent droplets passing through.
  • The middle layer acts as a filter for non oily particles in the air.
  • The inner layer is a polypropylene non woven layer, this will absorb heat from your body and try to make wearing a mask as comfortable as possible. 

We suggest these masks be worn as part of a site wide effort at your factory, warehouse, office or workplace as a method of reducing the risk of spreading any virus and is just one of several procedures implemented to protect a workforce. 


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact.