Insulation products can help save thousands on heating bills and other expenditure when carrying out building work, therefore Packaging GB have collated the most popular insulation items that it sells.

Greenhouse insulation enables the vegetation in the greenhouse to stay warmer through the winter, reducing the risk of frost killing the plants inside.

Bubble and foil insulation is important to home insulation to reduce the loss of heat through buildings walls. The foil bubble insulation has been certified for wall application, it meets NHBC standards and is CFC/HCVF free. The insulation traps air resulting in reduced emissivity air space and improve thermal performance.

Superquilt is a remarkable product suitable for a range of applications, suitable for most uses on either wall, roof or floor. Due to the layers of insulation, it can deal with energy transfers in convection, conduction and radiation.

Also is available are a small selection of acoustic foam, rubble sacks, damp proof membrane and foil tape.