Speedpack Optional Features

Speedpack machines have a abundance of options and features you can add or modify to make it perfectly suit your needs. 

Below are a range of the most common addons to these e-commerce packaging machines. 

Ease Of Use

Controls On ArmProduct SensorActivation Sensorfoot Pedal

1) Controls On Arm - Depending on workspace and location the controls can be fitted to a vertical arm. 

2) Hand Sensor - Removes the need to press the start cycle button or foot pedal. The machine can tell when an item has been placed and the hands are away from the sealing bar. 

3) Product Detection Sensor - A sensor picks up when a product has been placed in the bag, starting the sealing cycle automatically. 

4) Foot Pedal - The user starts a sealing cycle by pressing the foot pedal. 

Handling Heavy Items

ConveyorBag Support TableBag StretcherHD Clamps

1) Bag Conveyor - For heavy items the conveyer can help move the item from under the machine. 

2) Support Tables - Versions include standard, extra long and a version that can help settle loads. Once the sealing cycle is complete, the table will create an angle, allowing the bag to move. 

3) Bag Stretcher - During sealing the bag is stretched, allowing a straight seal to be applied. 

4) HD Clamps - When sealing heavy bags or items, the clamps will allow for these heavier items. 


Bag Options

Point Of Sale Chain Bags

1) Point Of Sale - An additional sealing bar can make your bags ready for use in shops by creating the a hole for it to be held on. 

2) Chain Bags - Ideal for grouping together different elements while keeping the individual elements separate. 


Film Options

Air PressAir Hole

1) Air Press - Takes the air out of the bags before it is being sealed. 

2) Air Hole - Adds air holes to the bags, allowing the air to escape. 

Product Loading Options

Sorting TableFunnelAccumulation FunnelOptimiser

1) Sorting Table - Organise items before moving them onto bagging.

2) Funnel - Guides products into the bags

3) Accumulation Funnel - Items are grouped in the funnel, before dropping into the bag in one. 

4) Optimizer - A small conveyer with sections, the user loads within these and the products are accumulated in the funnel, only dropping into the bag when a specific number has been reached. 


Counting and weight options

Sorting table with rejectionCounting machine with funnelsWeighing Table

1) Weighing Buckets - Products are released from the bucked only when the required weight is reached. 

2) Counting - With the ability to count how many items are being dispensers, you can quickly and accurately bag products. 

3) Integrated Bucket Weighing - Items will drop from the bucket when the requested weight has been reached. 



Audion conveyorSupport Conveyor belt

1) Conveyer - Once items have been bagged, the conveyor can send items to the next required location. 

2) Bag Support Conveyor - During sealing the conveyor can support the bag being sealed and once sealed, move it to the side.


Safety Options

2 Button Safety StartSafety Light

1) Two Button Start - To being a sealing cycle, both green buttons must be pressed, these are on opposite sides of the machine, ensuring hands are well away from sealing bars.

2) Light Curtain - If a light sensor is broken by the sealing bars, the cycle will not begin until the area is clear.