Speedpack Filling & Counting

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Speedpack Filling & Counting


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Speedpack Filling & Counting

Using a machine that is designed to count and fill small items for you will save time on your packing line. It can be used to bag up and count seeds, capsules, small hardware parts. Items between 1mm and 25mm will be suitable for use with this machine all while maintaining an accuracy of 99.5%

Work from standard layflat tubing or perforated polythene bags on a roll. In addition to that, you have the optional extra of the machine automatically adjusting the required bag length, this is useful when the products change and will provide savings on material costs in the long run. 

A optional label printer, allows for the bags to have labels applied to them at this stage, this works by connecting to your order management systems, saving an extra step in the dispatch process. 

Hopper Size 5L
Seal Width 1.5mm
Maximum Bag Size W400mm x Chosen Machine Height
Film Thickness 40-125mu
Suitable Films PE, OPP and Laminates
Compressed Air Supply 6 Bar, 200-500 nl/min
Power Supply 230V-1ph-50/60 Hz