Rapid Staples

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Rapid Staples


  • Sold in boxes of 5000 individual staples.
  • Please view the table for staples which work with the relevant stapler.


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Product Compatible With Leg Length
Price Per Unit
1 + 5 +
S73-8 R31 8mm



S73-10 R31 10mm



S73-12 R31 12mm



S13-6 R33 6mm



S13-8 R33 8mm



S13-10 R33 10mm



S13-14 R33 14mm



S140-6 R34 6mm



S140-8 R34 8mm



S140-10 R34 10mm



S140-12 R34 12mm



S140-14 R34 14mm



S21-4 R51 4mm



S26-6 K1 6mm



S26-8 K1 8mm




Rapid Staples

Packaging GB sell a range of staples depended on the requirements of the tasks needed. The relevant staples and stapler have been linked together to make the task of choosing the correct items simpler.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Packaging GB for assistance.


What staple length do I need? 

As a rough guide, you can multiply the thickness of the material by three to give the appropriate leg length.  


What if I am stapling a thin material like fabric? 

If the material you are stapling is thin, eg fabric, add 4mm onto the thickness of the material to secure.  

Therefore if your material is 1mm, choose a staple with a length of at least 5mm.