Polyester Strapping Reels

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  • Supplied on 406 x 150mm cardboard core.
  • Price per roll.
  • Pallet quantities available on request.


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Width x Length Thickness Breaking Strain
Price Per Unit
1 + 5 + 10 +
9mm x 3000m 0.6mm 210kg




12.5mm x 2000m 0.7 mm 350kg




15.5mm x 1500m 0.9 mm 560kg




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Extruded polyester strapping

Extruded polyester strapping (PET) offers increased strength over polypropylene strapping (PP) and possesses qualities that make it more favourable then steel strapping.

PET maintains higher tension over longer periods then PP and can adapt to a loads movement with better elongation then steel strapping, reducing the risk of breakage because of the increased ability to absorb impacts.

PET will not rust, is a cheaper alternative to steel, is lighter and carries less operator risk while also not reacting to the environment in ambient temperatures.

PET is used for heavy duty strapping of products, this can be bricks, textiles or other pallet materials, because the chemical structure of the strapping enables it to maintain tension.

The polyester strapping can be sealed with a friction welder

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