Pallet Covers On A Roll

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Pallet Covers On A Roll


  • 125mu Thickness.
  • Price per roll.
  • Made in the UK.
  • 3 Sizes available.


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Ref Size (mm) To Fit Pallet Covers Per Roll Weight (kg) Price Per
Price Per Unit
1 + 5 + 10 +
SB1280 1300/2150 x 1850mm L1200 x W800 x H1200mm 30 31kg Roll




SB1210 1300/2350 x 1950mm L1200 x W1000 x H1200mm 30 35kg Roll




SB1212 1300/2550 x 2050mm L1200 x W1200 x H1200mm 25 34kg Roll




Face Masks - 3 Ply Disposable

Pallet Covers On A Roll

Pallet covers are a quick and convenient way to wrap pallets while offering dust and puncture resistance at the same time.

Select a pallet cover that corresponds to the size of pallet which requires wrapping, and use a heat shrink gun to fit the cover to the contours of the pallet. The pallet covers are particularly effective against unusual shaped items.

The pallet covers offer secure protection of pallets during transportation or storage and help prevent theft of individual goods.