Packaging Systems


Paper Packaging Systems

  • Advantages-
  1. All paper is FSC certified.
  2. Adds compression strength to parcels.
  3. Paper is kinder to the environment.

Paper packaging systems are a time efficient way to package goods ready for dispatch. There are 4 different types of paper which can be converted into protective packaging by their accompanying machine. These offer different characteristics depending on the weight of the item you are packaging. 










Paperplus classic

  • Suited to heavier items.
  • The paper is tear resistant & easily conforms to the required shape.

The paperplus classic is ideal for cushioning products from above and below, the superior cushioning means it can support weights of up to 50kg, depending on the paper type selected. You can easily mould the paper around the goods you are packaging to help prevent damage occurring.

There are three machines suitable for use with this paper, they all weigh in excess of 150kg and run off 230v and can produce between 12m and 40m of void fill a minute with an option for a table model if space is at a premium. 


Chevron Paper

  • Combining air and paper for a lightweight packaging solution
  • Ideal for medium weight parcels.

Chevron paper is ideal for the medium demanding packaging requirements, depending on the paper selected you can package parcels up to 15kg in weight. The pleated paper style results in a minimum amount of paper used for a greater level of cushioning. There are perforations every 7cm, making it easy to tear and reduce excess usage. The paper is easy to shape around the item.

Free standing and table top models are available to purchase, producing up to 30m a minute. 


Papillon Paper System

  • 40m a minute
  • Small sized machine.
  • Suited to parcels weighing under 8kg

Papillon paper system easily integrates into existing packing procedures. The paper is stored in an easy to handle box where it is fed through a small machine. The machine comes in three versions, floor, table top, and table stand, with three available user modes, automatic, on demand and foot pedal operation. The tabletop machine measures 330mm x 340mm x 370mm.

The Papillon machine converts two layers of 20cm wide paper into flexible protective paper cushioning, ideal for void fill or wrapping the product in. The papillon paper is best suited to protecting light to medium weight parcels between 1kg and 8kg.