Tape Bench Dispenser for up to 50mm tape

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Tape Bench Dispenser for up to 50mm tape

  • Metal construction with non-slip base, can be secured to bench.
  • Weighs 800g.
  • Dual core.
  • Max tape length 132m.
  • Core diameter - 75mm.


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Bench Dispenser for up to 50mm tape

Tape dispensers make the task of sealing boxes and items less time consuming and more efficient, the tape dispenser can cut the tape to the required length quickly and easily, without the need to manually find the end of the tape every time.

Built with a dual core, with the ability to dispenser either two 25mm wide tapes or one 50mm wide tape.

The dispenser is not weighted, instead it uses non slip rubber or if you prefer it can be secured to your work surface.