Audionvac VMS 123

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Audionvac VMS 123


  • Seal Length - 340mm
  • Effective Chamber Size L340 x W370 x H150
  • 10 Program Digital Control Panel
  • Power Required - 230V - 1P
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Table Top Vacuum Chamber - VMS 123

The VMS 123 Vacuum sealer is a step up from the entry level chamber. This model features a digital control for ten programmes, including soft air. You can save your favourite most used settings, allowing you the ability to quickly vacuum seal your items on the perfect settings. 

Soft Air – On models with 10 digital control programmes, the soft air feature allows for fragile and sharp products to be sealed. The air will enter slowly, allowing for items such as fish (soft) and meats on the bones (sharp) to be sealed. This allows the bag to form around the item, creating a neater presentation and a pristine product.

The VMS 123 comes with a high transparent lid, one seal bar and a double 3.5mm seal, though other seal options are available. Due to the increased sized of the chamber too, you also get a larger pump to suit, on this model it is a Busch pump capable of 16m3/h.

Optional Extras

Bag cut off - The excess plastic beyond the seal is easily removed, creating a smart finished to your vacuum packed products. 

Single Seal 8mm - Replaces the standard double 3.5mm seal for a single 8mm wide seal. 

Seal 1-2 - Same as the cut off seal option, but seal and cutting wire settings can be managed independently of each other. 

Sensor Control – For increased control of sealing, the optional sensor controls may be useful for you. This provides control of the vacuum and gas levels. This feature is suited to sealing different size products. Without this feature the machines will use time to determine the appropriate levels, this is more than acceptable for the majority of uses.

Gas Flush – By adding gas to the product, this is able to extend the shelf life of the product. A small amount of gas is injected, giving a small residual oxygen percentage.