Adhesive Tapes

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Adhesive Tapes Vibac


  • 48mm x 66m on each roll.
  • On 76mm core.
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Product Adhesive Backing Low Noise Colour Rolls Per Pack
Price Per Unit
1 + 5 + 10 +
Vibac 425 Hotmelt Polyprop No Clear 6




Vibac 425 Substitute Tape Supplied Hotmelt Polyprop No Clear 36




Vibac 425 Hotmelt Polyprop No Buff 6




Vibac 425 Hotmelt Polyprop No Buff 36




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Adhesive Packing Tapes

When picking adhesive tape it is important to the consider which tape fits your needs and conditions, as picking the wrong tape will cause delays and extra cost.


Adhesive: Acrylic, hotmelt or solvent?

Acrylic – Not suitable for use in cold or freezer environments, cheapest of three adhesive options.

Hotmelt – Has a strong initial grab, but is not suitable for long term storage.

Solvent – If the application is demanding and the temperatures cold, this adhesive will be most suitable.


Backing: Polypropylene or PVC

PVC Tape can be torn by hand, making the sealing of boxes a quick process.

Polypropylene – Used on various tapes, but with varying thicknesses.

Paper Tape – Offers an environmentally friendlier option.



Tape FAQ

Why does my tape split?

If you are using PVC tape and the conditions are cold, this tape will begin to split.

To fix this, store the next box you are about to use in a slightly warmer location, this will mean it will be fine to use when you need it.

You will typically find that the first few metres will split, because these are the layers exposed to the elements.


Acyclic and PVC Availability. 

Acrylic and PVC tape are currently facing a supply issue worldwide. These options have been removed while this problem continues and will return once stock is available. There is however no estimate on this though.