Speedpack Hybrid 400 SPKH

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Speedpack Hybrid 400 SPKH


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SKU Speedpack Hybrid 400 SPKH

Speedpack Hybrid 400 SPKH

Using the Speedpack machine to seal your bags will increase packing speeds. You have the option to work from layflat tubing or pre perforated polythene bags on a roll. 

With the ability to create bags from 50mm wide up to 400mm wide, and a bag length of between 50mm and 600mm in length, you will be able to be able to package a full range of products and is ideal for dispatching items or grouping small items together. 

If being used as part of a packaging dispatch process, you have the optional label printer addon. This prints dispatch labels onto the outside of the bag, 

During average usage you will be able to complete approx 20 sealing cycles when using layflat tubing. If you are using the pre perforated bags on a roll, this will be higher, but a lot will determine what you are packing and how organised the dispatch process is. 

Product Speedpack Hybrid 400
Seal Length 50-400mm
Bag Length 50-600mm
Seal Width 1.5mm (optional 8mm version)
Working Height Optional
Food Pedal Optional
Film Thickness 40-125 Mu
Seal Bar Gap 125mm
Voltage 230 V-1ph-50 /60 Hz
Power Usage 1850W
Air Pressure Supply 6 bar, 200-500 Nl/min