Semi Automatic Strapping Machine + 2 Polypropylene Machine Strapping Rolls

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Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

  • W982mm x D586mm x H760mm
  • Tension 15kg - 45kg
  • Strapping width between 6mm - 15.5mm
  • 12 Month return to base warranty
  • 2 x Polypropylene Machine Strapping- Semi Automatic 12mm x 3000m x .55
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SKU TAS200+2Rolls

Semi Auto Strapping Machine

The semi automatic strapping machine is suitable for widths of polypropylene strapping between 6mm and 15.5mm. Using a strapping machine will simplify the task of strapping or banding objects and parcels. The machine features a manual tightening control to adjust the applied tension of the strapping.

Included in this bundle are two 12mm polypropylene machine strapping rolls.