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  • Can seal 2 x 150 Micron.
  • Range of optional accessories.
  • Auto releases when seal cycle complete. 
  • 7-10 day Lead Time
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SKU Magneta

MG - This model is the entry level in this series. To start a sealing cycle, you manually push the sealing bar close, or use a optional foot pedal for closing. Once the sealing is complete, the bar will automatically lift up, ready for the next bag. This will create a 3mm seal.

MGM - With Motor - This model includes a electric motor and electric foot pedal, allowing the sealing process to begin with a light press on the foot pedal. This will make a 3mm seal.

MGI - Available only in the wider models, and will create a 5mm wide seal on your bags. This will help maintain the seal on these larger bags. Does not feature a foot pedal as standard and instead you will start the sealing cycle by manually closing the sealer bar, or a food pedal can be purchased separately. 

MGMI - With Motor - Create a 5mm seal and uses an electric motor and electric foot pedal to start the sealing cycle. 


Optional Accessories. 

Work table + Bag Support - Creates an even height from your heat sealer bar or can be used to support the contents while sealing. 

Support + Foot Pedal - Offers the option for starting the cycle sequence with your foot, and the heat sealer is housed on the stanchion.

Rolloflux Film Holder - making working from a roll of layflat tubing easier, these rolls prevent it from rolling away.