AVM 350 Automatic Fill And Bag Machine

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AVM 350 Automatic Fill And Bag Machine


  • Suitable for use with powder, solids, liquids and granulates
  • L2025 x W1320 x H1845mm
  • Weight 450Kg
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SKU AVM 350 Automatic Fill And Bag Machine
Face Masks - 3 Ply Disposable

The AVM 350 is designed for filling and sealing larger bags then the AVM190. 

With this large machine you are capable of filling bags up to a volume of 10 litres and with a width of 350mm.

When filling your bags, a 60 degree chute is used, this helps to reduce damage to fruit and veg items while still producing a steady flow for non breakable items. 

There are two versions of this machine, 

AVM 350H - Uses a heat sealer for sealing and is suitable for polypropylene and laminate materials. 

AVM 350I -  Uses impulse seal and is used with polyethylene (PE) materials 

Optional Extras Include

  • Dust collection
  • Bag support for larger bags
  • Barcodes, shipping labels 
  • Air press 
  • Stainless Steel

Model AVM 350 I AVM 350 H
Bag Width 50-350mm 50-350mm
Bag Length 50-450mm 50-450mm
Bag Volume 10 Litres 10 Litres
Mag Bag Weight 1500g 1500g
PP Thickness (min-max) 40-200mu
PE Thickness (min-max) 25-80mu
PP Max Bags/Minute  60/Min
PE Max Bags/Minute 40/Min
Max Film Diameter 400mm 400mm