AVM 350 Automatic Fill And Bag Machine

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AVM 350 Automatic Fill And Bag Machine


  • Suitable for use with powder, solids, liquids and granulates
  • L2025 x W1320 x H1845mm
  • Weight 450Kg
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SKU AVM 350 Automatic Fill And Bag Machine

The AVM 350 is designed for filling and sealing larger bags then the AVM190. 

With this large machine you are capable of filling bags up to a volume of 10 litres and with a width of 350mm.

When filling your bags, a 60 degree chute is used, this helps to reduce damage to fruit and veg items while still producing a steady flow for non breakable items. 

There are two versions of this machine, 

AVM 350H - Uses a heat sealer for sealing and is suitable for polypropylene and laminate materials. 

AVM 350I -  Uses impulse seal and is used with polyethylene (PE) materials 

Optional Extras Include

  • Dust collection
  • Bag support for larger bags
  • Barcodes, shipping labels 
  • Air press 
  • Stainless Steel

Model AVM 350 I AVM 350 H
Bag Width 50-350mm 50-350mm
Bag Length 50-450mm 50-450mm
Bag Volume 10 Litres 10 Litres
Mag Bag Weight 1500g 1500g
PP Thickness (min-max) 40-200mu
PE Thickness (min-max) 25-80mu
PP Max Bags/Minute  60/Min
PE Max Bags/Minute 40/Min
Max Film Diameter 400mm 400mm