AVM 190 Automatic Fill and Seal Machine

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AVM 190


  • Suitable for use with Solids, Powder, Liquids and Granulates
  • Dimensions L1545 x W910 x H1175mm
  • Weight 230kg
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Face Masks - 3 Ply Disposable

The AVM 190 machines can put liquids, solids and powders into bags ready for sale. It tends to be part of a larger production line and will provide a method of quickly and accurately bagging your products. 

With a relatively low height of 1200mm, it is possible for the machine to be filled manually, or alternatively a auto closing system. 

190HS -  Is used to seal laminates and PP materials. Can achieve a bag rate of 100 bags per minute. IT uses 12mm wide horizontal sealing bar.

190HSI - Is suitable for use with polyethylene (PE) materials. The 190HSI uses a impulse seal bar, this allows you to control the cool down, helping the seal secure the weight of the items inside. 

Machine AVM 190 HS AVM 190 HSI
Bag Width (min - max) 50 - 190mm 50 - 190mm
Bag Length (min - max) 50 - 300mm 50 - 300mm
Bag Volume - Max 2 Litres 2 Litres
Max Bag Weight 1500g 1500g
PP Thickness (min - max) 25 - 80 Micron n/a
PE Thickness (min - max) n/a 40 - 200 Micron
Laminates Thickness Contact for details Contact for details
Full Bag Speed PP 80bags / minute n/a
Full Bag Speed PE n/a 40bags / minute
Film Diameter (max) 400mm 400mm
Film Core Diameter  75mm 75mm
Voltage 230 V-1ph 50/60Hz 230 V-1ph 50/60Hz
Industries  Food production, Hardware and DIY, Automotive, Farming, Horticultural, Technology,  Food production, Hardware and DIY, Automotive, Farming, Horticultural, Technology,